2016-2017 Board Goals

1.   Our School District will improve academic achievement measures by the following data:

A.   All Schools need to achieve a “C” letter grade or better

B.   Three (3) or more schools need to achieve a “B” letter grade or better

C.   At least one school or more need to meet or exceed the state average in Language Arts or Mathematics on the ISTEP+

2.   The Graduation Rate for Decatur Central High School will meet or exceed 92% for the Class of 2017.

3.   The number of suspensions and expulsions from school will be less than the 2015-2016 school year.

4.   A final passing rate of 90% or more for the IRead Exam.

5.   As a District, be able to maintain a balanced budget without the need to reduce staff while addressing facility needs.

6.   Live up to the District Mission of Learning, Safety and Customer Service in all decision making for the benefit of our Children and their Families.

7.   To Collaborate with the Community to share information/resources that support and benefit the patrons of Decatur Township.