MSD Decatur Township has a College and Career Readiness tool called Naviance.



What is Naviance?
  • Naviance is a web-based comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.
  • It allows students to discover their individual strengths and learning styles and explore college and career options based on assessment results.  
  • The Curriculum helps students develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge that research shows increases students' likelihood of reaching their post-secondary goals. 

All students in grades 7-12 and their parents will have logins to access the web-based system.  The Naviance curriculum will be used in the students’ College & Career Readiness (CCR) classes at Decatur Central High School & Decatur Township School for Excellence. 

  • At Decatur Middle School in 7th grade, students will use Naviance in their I & E class as well as other classes.  In 8th grade, students will use Naviance in their Preparing for College and Careers class.  Since Naviance is web-based, it is accessible to students and parents 24/7/365. 
Naviance Family Connection web addresses:

Decatur Middle  School                                

Decatur Central High School                       

Decatur Township School for Excellence   


Student Log in   User name = firstname.lastname        Password = mmddyyyy   (8 digit birthdate)

Parent Log in     Parents must Register to use Naviance - creating a user name and password

                            User name = email address     Password = self created




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