Decatur Township Scholarship Association 


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Decatur Township Scholarship Association Inc. 

Volunteers raise funds and award Scholarships for Decatur Township Students' Post Secondary Education.

Meetings are the 2nd Monday each month at DCHS - 7 PM in the Conference Room of the Main Office. Feel free to attend.

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The Afternoon of Recognition will be held Sunday May 21st beginning at 2 PM in the DCHS café.

For information call any of the officers, send a note to DTSA, 5251 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis, IN  46221, or send email.

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Parents we need your help too!!

Please join us at a meeting and help us provide scholarships for Decatur students.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Recipients will be selected in April.

Applications are due Friday Feb. 10th.  


View a list of 2017 Applications received: 

CLICK HERE After Feb 20, 2017

Reminder to Renewal applicants - A SCHOOL GENERATED TRANSCRIPT must be submitted.

HONOR Scholarship - 2017 Awards - For High School Seniors in a Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township school.  Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA (out of 4.0) or submit 2 letters of recommendation from a teacher or administrator with the application. 


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RENEWAL Scholarship - 2017 Awards - For Full time undergraduate College or Vocational/Technical students.  Award is for students who have already received a Dollars for Scholars OR DTSA Scholarship and as long as student is maintaining a 2.75 GPA (out of 4.0) and applying as a full time undergraduate student. 

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ALUMNI Scholarship - 2017 Awards - For a student who is a graduate of a Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township High School who is applying to be or who currently is a full time undergraduate College or Vocational/Technical Student who has NOT previously received a Dollars for Scholars or DTSA Scholarship.
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For additional information contact: Judy Collins