About the School

Gold Academy Information

At the Gold Academy, we encourage parents and family members to become actively involved in our school by volunteering to help in our classrooms, attending PTO meetings, and assisting during special events.  We welcome your support and involvement.  Our goal is that all of our students reach their full potential.  A strong home/school partnership is crucial to achieving this goal.  We encourage all of our parents and teachers to maintain open lines of communication on a daily basis.

PBIS: Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention

The Gold Academy school-wide expectations for all students are: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.  Students are taught what it means to be respectful, responsible, and safe in all school settings.  When students are caught following the school-wide expectations, they are reinforced with Gold Stars.  Gold Stars are entered in a grade level drawing EVERY week.  Six winners per grade level are drawn and awarded with prizes from the school Treasure Box.  Tier 2 Interventions are provided for students who need increased support with our Star Learner Program.  

Interested in becoming involved with PBIS?  

1. Talk to your child at home about what it means to show respect, responsibility, and safety both at home and at school.  

2. Donations are being accepted for the school Treasure Box.

3. Volunteer to support school-wide reinforcement opportunities.

Contact Mrs. LeMay at (317) 856-0400 ext. 8203 for more information.

Cummins Mental Health

Did you know that Cummins Mental Health offers services at the Gold Academy?  Both a Therapist and Life Skills Specialist are part of our Gold Academy Staff.  Contact the school to inquire about mental health services provided for students and families.