Welcome to the Digital Transformation!

Posted Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One of the exciting events in MSD of Decatur Township is the Digital Transformation the district is beginning. As we have been working on this plan and sharing our vision with all stakeholders, one question keeps popping up...What is a Digital Transformation? Below is an excerpt from our Technology Plan explaining Digital Transformation.

"The term Digital Transformation refers to the transformation of instruction from a paper-based world to a primarily digital world, in which every learner in grades 3-12 and every educator has access to a personal computing device and the Internet anytime/anywhere.  Digital Conversion has the power to profoundly change the nature of teaching and learning.

The term Digital Tranformation goes beyond the more common term of one-to-one computing, to indicate far more than hardware and software.  Learner success in this environment is a result of a device for all, combined with many other factors.

Digital Transformation goes far beyond traditional learning modalities.  It supports second-order change by enabling a fundamental shift across all aspects of daily life in our schools.  It affects instruction, pedagogy, professional development, learner and educator motivation, learner-educator roles, learning experiences, and relationships.  It creates a new vibrancy."

The key to this explaination is vibrancy. We want our staff and learners to experience a vibrancy in education and learning that was not available via traditional/textbook/paper-pencil. As a district we expect to see a very different learning experience than what most of us experienced in school. We expect to see learners more involved in choice impacting their learning and actively engaged. This is more of a "guide on the side" instead of a "sage on the stage" model. 

As we move forward we will be meeting with stakeholders to share our vision, plan, and what that means for those parties involved. We will also be sharing tips for integration including, but not limited to, the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). In the coming months I will be blogging more about SAMR and a variety of tips regarding the Digital Transformation. Be sure to check back. In the mean time, what can you do in your learning environment with current technologies available to initiate digital transformation?


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