About the School

About Liberty

Liberty Early Elementary is the district’s centralized kindergarten and preschool.  Our staff appreciates the privilege and the responsibility of educating Decatur’s youngest students! We provide a nurturing atmosphere in which the differences of all children are respected.

More about Liberty!

We are committed to making every child in Decatur a successful student!

• We offer full-day kindergarten (with no tuition charges) for all of our kindergarten students.  Special education supports are offered at no cost to all eligible students.
• We also continue to offer outstanding preschool programs for 3-5 year olds.
     o Our Developmental Preschool primarily serves students with developmental delays or disabilities in a half-day setting.  Please call Southside Special Services at (317) 789-1650 for eligibility determination.
     o Our Community Preschool is a full-day (8:40 a.m. to 3:35 p.m.) program.  We accept On My Way preschool vouchers for 4-year-olds to attend Community Preschool.  We also offer full-day Community Preschool with before and after care (opening at 6:30 a.m. and closing at 6:00 p.m.) on a tuition (parent-funded) basis to children who live in Decatur Township and children of those who work for the Decatur Township Schools.  Admission in full-day preschool is limited to available spots in the program.
• Speech therapy is also offered at no cost to eligible students.  Please call Southside Special Services at 789-1650 for preschool eligibility determination.  Please call the Liberty office for information on kindergarten eligibility determination.

Liberty Early Elementary is located in the Southwest Hills neighborhood, near the intersection of Mann Road and Kentucky Avenue. Our school was called the Early Childhood Center until our move to our current location in the fall of 2010. Our school building formerly housed Lynwood Elementary. We chose the name "Liberty" to reflect the rich heritage of public schooling in Decatur Township. Liberty was the name of one of the earliest schools in the area, having been established in 1870.


Dress Code

Liberty Early Elementary has a school dress code that aligns with state expectations for elementary schools. Adhering to the dress code ensures that all students are able to safely access the school building, participate in all activities, and create an environment where there are no distractions from learning and fun!  Please click this link for specific details.