Bus Code of Conduct

1. Observe classroom conduct
2. Be courteous, use no profane language
3. Do not eat or drink on the bus
4. Keep the bus clean
5. Cooperate with the driver
6. Do not smoke
7. Do not damage bus or equipment
8. Stay in your seat
9. Keep head, hands, and feet inside bus
10. Do not fight, push, or shove
11. Do not tamper with bus equipment
12. Do not bring pets on the bus
13. Do not bring flammable materials on the bus
14. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats
15. Have a safe trip

These are the bus rules posted on all buses.  Please review these with your child.   A big help would be to tell them “back to back” and “bottom to bottom.”  This means keep your back on the back of the seat and your bottom on the bottom of the seat.  

There have been several issues with students who are turned around in their seats, standing, and changing seats while the bus is in motion.  Students who continue to do this type of behavior will begin to receive a behavioral write-up that will go to the school principal. 

Please help assist the transportation department by reinforcing these policies and procedures with your child.