FREE GPS service for your child's bus


Register your child for the free GPS service:  (Para instrucciones en Espanol oprima aqui)

Go to the website:  (Click on the SIGN UP TODAY just off to the left)                                                             

Step 1:  Enter 77732 for the ACCOUNT NUMBER                                                                                                                                                         

Step 2:  Click CONFIRM                                                                                             

Step 3:  Enter your information.  Your phone number (ex.  317-856-8060)                                                                                                       

Step 4:  Enter your student’s last name and student ID number, [THEIR STUDENT STN ]  (call your child’s school if you do not know their number)

Step 5:  Confirm this is your student and you are ready!

Synovia website and FULL (pay) SERVICE:

Use the site below to sign up for full access.  For $18.50 for the year or you can pay $3.50 for just the months you want to use it. This money goes to SYNOVIA, NOT to  MSD of Decatur Township. 

You will want to go to the APPLE or ANDROID application about halfway down the page.  It is with the apps that will send you the push notifications for the full service.  It is very convenient!